Forms after updates don't work

Dear All,

thank you for your support,
After the update, we faced this error and we cant use the form, Could you help us to solve it.

As a quick check, would you mind validating your xlsform through this online validator to see if there is any syntax issues?

it was working good before the server update on 4 October

Could you share your xlsfrom with the community so that the community could also have a quick look to see if there are any syntax issues present within your xlsform?

aFeSscv78gW9odVJpgQinJ (1).xlsx (25.5 KB)

Quick check, I could see the same error message when validating your xlsform with the online validator. Maybe it could be one of your expressions that is affecting your xlsform. You will need to narrow down by checking them manually. Hope our community should also help you out with this.

Maybe as a quick check would you mind checking the choice_filter column? If you remove the choice filter, it works smoothly without showing the error message.

Choice_filter I can’t remove it, it will not work as we need

You will need to check out all the expressions used under the choice_filter. Maybe that should be helpful.