Forms that have connections to each other cannot be updated

Hello, I have several forms that have connections between them but since last week they have presented me with errors. When updating the form, this update is registered. I implement the form again and the update is not performed. The problem is that the data from one form to another is not being loaded. They will only be loaded when the update is done.

I hope you can help me.

Welcome back to the community, @sebasortega_1995! Could you be kind enough to explain a bit about what you try to refer to with …

I apologize. I have problems with some forms that have connections between them. The Kobo platform is having trouble performing updates. When implementing a new form, the updates will not be reflected and this is preventing the correct connection between forms.

Additionally, when sharing the forms with other users, they have problems opening the form.

I appreciate the help.

@sebasortega_1995, is this an issue with the dynamic data you are trying to refer to where you connect a parent project form with the child project form?

Exactly. I refer to dynamic data.

If this is the case, maybe you will need to play around with the sample XLSForm shared in this support article:

I also advise you to go through the exact steps outlined in the article which should guide you to attach the forms dynamically.

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Thank you very much for the article. I have followed the instructions step by step but that does not solve my problem. The form that carries the dynamic data connections is not fetching the information from the parent form. Last week this process was taking place correctly but this week these difficulties have appeared.

In addition, when making any changes to the mother form, they are not reflected in the forms that have dynamic data.

@sebasortega_1995, do you mean even with the sample XLSForm that has been shared in the support article?

Yes. Connections with dynamic data are not working

I would like to know if there is any problem or damage with the kobo server that is affecting the dynamic data

What is the server you are testing this on?

I would like to ask if I have a begin repeat in the XLSform, does it affect in any way that the dynamic data does not work correctly or that the form does not work well?

Yes, the dynamic data at the moment does not support the repeat group data.