Forms won't load from loading circle

When I try to open our datasheets (offline forms) via my saved bookmark in Internet Explorer, the forms won’t load. There is just a blue loading circle that increases/decreases in size over and over again.

Before this I was having issues uploading the data from the offline forms so I restarted the tablet and now I can’t access the forms/recorded data. Getting worried! Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you!

So I just checked and I can open the offline forms on other devices, like my phone, The issue is that I can’t open it up on our field collection tablet (Mesa2) and I really need to access our data.

Is Mesa2 a Windows 10 tablet? If so, please try another browser. Enketo doesn’t support Internet Explorer anymore: see “Farewell Internet Explorer” on Firefox or Chrome would be best, but if you’re not able to install anything new, Edge should work and is included with Windows 10 by default:

When attempting to use Internet Explorer, if you’re stuck at a loading screen and not redirected to the more-informative “Modern Browsers” page, then that sounds like a bug.


Thank you! I will try downloading a different browser. If it is a bug is it still possible to retrieve our data if I can’t open it in Internet Explorer?

Hi @mylfteam,

Maybe you could have a look at our support article Manually uploading submissions . It should help retrieve you the data that is stuck in your browser.

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@mylfteam, if you’re stuck at the loading screen and can’t follow the procedure that @Kal_Lam referenced, try disconnecting the tablet from the internet first. If we’re lucky, Enketo will load enough then to let you export the old data.

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We updated Edge and that got the form working again. The bad news is the upgrade appears to have erased our stored data, We had two survey forms- I manually downloaded the zip file for one of them, but I didn’t get the chance to do that for the other one before we ran into the loading issue. Is this data lost forever?

Hi @mylfteam
From the look of it, it seems that the data is lost at the point of updating the browser. If that is the case then the loss of data at that point is probably irreversible. Could you confirm if the point of loss is as I have indicated?


Correct. As soon as I updated the browser all of the data in the browser was gone (there was nothing to upload), Luckily I manually downloaded the first form before all of this happened. If we would have lost that data it would have been devastating. How can we prevent something like this again? Should we manually download after each survey?

Do you mean data not submitted

I think the best way is to prevent automatic updates of the browsers before you have made your submissions. You can enforce this by creating a task flow for you team to know how to proceed and thus make it a routine to submit data before they can update their browsers.


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@Kal_Lam I am having trouble finding the spot to upload the zip file

I went to (with my username) and I can see all the files and forms, but can’t figure out where to upload the zip file.

Do you have a screenshot or a description of where that would be?


Hi @mylfteam,

Maybe this should be helpful:


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