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Dear Sirs or Madames

In some surveys, the once per respondent option does not prohibit someone to re-answer from another device or forward it to others who are not representing our sample. Is there a way to avoid this on the online surveys?
Thank you in advance
Dimitris Vassiliadis

Welcome to the community, @interviewaurvey! Maybe you could provide some codes to the respondents. When you have the data back to the server you could see if the codes are duplicate. If duplicate you could delete the duplicate records and manage a unique submission for the survey. Maybe out community should have better approach for this though.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. Your idea to generate codes and delete duplicates is good but do you have any idea how to do this? In practice, how can I produce codes on the kobo tool and link them to the panticipates?

You could use some random code generating online software for the same and could manage them manually.

Maybe you could also use this approach discussed in a different post:

Good morning from GREECE. Thanks for the reply, but how do I connect the random codes from the online software to the form?

@interviewaurvey, you will need to manage the random codes manually so that those respondents not having the same should not be able to fill up the survey.