From KoBo to Stata (new solution)

Hi Felix,

Thank you the information. Is there any other way I could pull the data from Kobo to Stata? I tried using ODK Briefcase, downloading csv files, but once converted to a dta file, it looks quite messy and would need a lot work to make it clearer…

Thanks in advance!

Hi @zaravalentinova
If you don’t have version 14 you may have to go through the long route of getting the data into SPSS first then converting it into Stata


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Thanks, Stephane. I had tried that but it doesn’t seem to work either…

Thanks anyways,


Could you detail your steps and the screenshots of the challenges you are seeing.

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Hello Felix,
I tried your package. I have a little issue. “invalid numlist has too many elements”. That is what is coming out. How can i solve this issue?

Hi Abikath,
please see the discussion above in this same thread on a similar issue:

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your quick response. I deleted the row but the problem is still displaying. This is what is displaying:

Reading choices tab of XLSForm…
Reading survey tab of XLSForm…
invalid numlist has too many elements

Does the survey tab of your xlsform have more than 1600 rows then?

Hello Felix,
I have been already helped using another tool.

Hi @abikath
Do you want to share your solution?


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I don’t really have an idea of what he did. I just received my data already in stata. He said it will be difficult to explain without showing as he is not here actually. But what i suspect is that he export first in spss and then from spss to stata.

I faced this issue recently also. I have more than 2000 rows in choices sheet. And there are more than 600 items for one list_name.

I have replaced "foreach var in numlist 1/count’"with"forvalues var = 1/count'" in 3 places to solve this issue. Now it works without numlist error.

You can download fixed ado-file by the link

It would be nice if you could check it and make fixed version available through “ssc install”.

Hello Felix, how can you add reference files you added as attachments to the list of choices, to run on the kobo2stata

Hi Ahmed Salim, thanks for using kobo2stata. Unfortunately, the command currently does not support reference files attached to the primary XLSForm via „select_*_from_file“. As a workaround, you could copy and paste the content of your reference file into the choices sheet of your XLSForm, which kobo2stata should be able to pick up. But I realize this may not be a convenient solution if you are working with a large number of reference files…

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