Gathering responses prior to users clicking "Submit"

We are envisioning publicly-deployed surveys, so respondents can fill out surveys themselves over the web, without needing an account.

I’ve just received word that we need to keep all entered responses, even if a respondent abandons the survey before hitting “Submit”.

Is this possible?

@dwight, it would be best if you made the mandatory response ‘false’ for all the questions. But having said that, the respondents will need to enter the Submit button so that the response (submission) will be submitted to the server. Failing to enter the Submit button will not allow the respondents to submit the submission.

I feared that would be the case.

I’m informed that if a survey is abandoned by a respondent, (i) we need to know at what point; and (ii) the data entered prior to abandonment is still valuable.

I’m afraid we’ll have to go back to our antiquated and horrid-to-program system that I’d hoped Kobo would replace. I’m bummed; I was looking forward to using Kobo.

Thank you for all your help. I hope some of my bug reports and suggestions will help to improve KoboToolbox.

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I spoke too soon.

Management likes Kobo well enough to keep using it on minor projects, and to contemplate changing some data collection objectives on major projects so we can use it for those too. This speaks well for the KoboToolbox project.

You’re not rid of me yet! :slight_smile:

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@dwight, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: