Getting a list of data extracted from kobo to excel

my team collected beneficiaries data from the field using can i be able to obtain a list of all the 850 beneficiaries including their names,age and account numbers as obtained from the field using kobo?i need help on how to get a list probably in excel of all the names.kindly help

Hi Joy.

To extract the data to excel, open the project and then go to the data tab (at the top of the page). On the left hand side is a list of options. Click on download. This will let you save an excel version.

thank you david.i have tried but it only gives names and labels of questions inputted in those questions we interviewed for names,age,gender and account numbers of 850 beneficiaries.this doesnt display in excel

If you are getting the question list, then you did not go into the data tab and click on the download button. This will give you an big blue export button which will let you download the answers. See the screenshot attached

OMG!thank you soo much.this has been so useful.i have tried and boom i have the names.thank you soo much.

I did the same myself at least once yesterday. :slight_smile: