Getting submissions using API V2 with synchronous export URL not refreshing

I have an Excel file connected to a KoBo form. The connection is made through Power Query using access token as discussed here: Get submissions from API V2 into Excel/Power BI requires public sharing

I get all my data and the connection works, however, I added a new question and edited one older submission to have a value for the newly added question. Refreshing Excel is not displaying the change even after waiting for an hour to refresh the connection. If I add/delete a submission, wait for 5 minutes, and refresh the connection, then I can see the change. Also if I added a new submissions (after redeploying with the new question) and the edited this last submission and waited for 5 minutes, I can see the change.

The update is not reflecting when the value being changed is a new field for already existing records. I tried re-exporting and using a new Export link, nothing worked so far.

When I was using API V1 links in the connection, the refresh showed me changes instantly. Why is it not so with V2? and why edits to existing submissions on new fields/questions are not reflected after refreshing the query?

Hi Isslam,

Your newly added column doesn’t appear in the set of columns in Power Query, right? If this is the cases i might have the answer you are looking for

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No, I can see the new column in Power Query. The issue is that it stays blank for older submissions.

So I have 10 older submissions, I added a new question (X) to the form and redeployed. I edited the query to include the new column (X) and the column is displayed in Excel.

Now I go to one of my 10 submissions (submitted before adding the question X). I click edit and I enter a value in question X and submit my edit. I go to Excel and refresh and it will not display the value I added.

If I created a new submission (after redeployment with a question X) and then edited the value of question X and submit the edit, this edit will show up after refreshing the query.

The issue is with old submissions. I hope it is clear now.

Hi @Kal_Lam
In my organization, we use the Humanitarian Response server and connect all forms to Excel files via API V1 links using Power Query.

Are these links going to change after Feb 29 2024? will the API V1 still work after the transition period? I cannot use V2 links because of the above issue.