GPS collection in the background


How to capture the GPS location of a field surveyor without he/she notices that? I want to send group of field surveyors to specific locations and I want to ensure that they physically be there while collecting the data. Please help. Thanks.

Maybe you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

I tried this, but I haven’t seen any effect on the collected data. What should I see in the data sheet as a result of this?

Also the title says “GPS collection in the background through “audit” not supported anymore” so I am confused, is it supported or not?

Which version of the Collect android app are you using? Try using the latest release that should support this feature.

Do I need to use any Collect android app for that? I am currently using “on-line-offline (multiple submission” for the collect data.

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This feature should be possible only with a Collect android app either KoBoCollect or ODK Collect. But please use the latest release of the Collect android app.

I am afraid I need to use the online-offline mode, but at the same time, I need to collect the location information. How can I do that without asking a question that a surveyor will need to answer?

@mabdulkareem, sorry this feature is currently not available with Enketo.

Hi, is this feature available with kobocollect?

How do I do it?


Welcome to the community, @hchamba! Yes, you could to collect GPS in the background as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Unfortunately It didn’t workout for me.

@hchamba, could you let us know what didn’t work for you so that we could troubleshoot?