GPS Detect Current Location button is not working with Enketo


while using the survey on android cell phone, the button for detect current location is not responding. Note that I am using web-based form with Google Chrome on my cell phone. See the screenshot.

What can I do to fix this? I am using the following XLSForm code:

Could you please check if you have given rights to chrome to use GPS location? Also, try another browser and confirm if this is still an issue.


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How to give rights to chrome to use GPS location? Same issue happened using a different browser, but I noticed that when I use the English version of the survey with chrome, I can get the location, but if I switch to the Arabic one, it doesn’t work which does not make sense to me.

@mabdulkareem, Please click to the padlock and then select allow under the location as shown in the figure below.

With this you should be able to select the location from your browser.

This is on PC? I don’t have an issue opening the form with my computer. The issue is opening it with a cell phone and specifically with the Arabic version of the survey form. The English version of the same form on the same cell phone is working perfectly well.

Is the GPS on in your device?

Yes, on my Galaxy smart phone.

@mabdulkareem, would you mind checking the same with other device to see what happens?

same issue with Galaxy S9 while iPhone 6+ couldn’t select the location in both versions (En and Ar).

Could you share your xlsform so that we could have a closer look at it?

Women Survey إستبانة مجموعة النساء.xlsx (29.1 KB)

@mabdulkareem, would you first mind checking your xlsform as I see some syntax issues in it.


Kindly please be informed that the name column should not have spaces in it. As a quick check you could always validate your xlsform with this online validator to see if your xlsform has any syntax issues.

Ok I will, but it worked and I could collect data with this XLSForm.


Hi, below is the updated XLSform after removing the spaces. I tried it and same issue, the GPS location is not selected when clicking on the GPS button. Please help.

Women Survey إستبانة مجموعة النساء.xlsx (29.7 KB)

@mabdulkareem, I have made some minor fixes (adjusting duplicate names that were present within the survey tab, adjusting the names that were starting as a number, and adjusting the labels that were missing). It should now work smoothly at your end.

Edited xlsform:

Women Survey إستبانة مجموعة النساء.xlsx (29.5 KB)

Hi, unfortunately that didn’t work on the mobile device. Now event the English version doesn’t work.

I tried to have only “lable” instead of “label::Arabic (ar)” and removed the English part of the form. It works now and I can select the location, but the problem now is that the Arabic alignment is from left to right as you can see in this picture.

Now if I want to GPS, I have to live with the Arabic alignment from left to right. Otherwise, I have to live with no GPS selection if the alignment is fixed from right to left.

I don’t know what to do.

Hi @mabdulkareem
What are the language on your android device and the collect i.e. on the user interface?


English and the kobo form Arabic

Change the collect language to arabic and try this again

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Do you mean to making the label as “label::Arabic (ar)”? if yes, then I did that, but the GPS select button will not respond.