GPS polygon export data to QGIS with CSV, GeoJson, or KML not working

Hi everyone,

I am trying to export some polygons coordinates to QGIS. I tried to use different tutorials and links on the forum but the solution is not working for me.

  • GeoJson (even with flattened option activated is not working)

  • KML export is a file with no coordinates inside, also it is mentionned that this export path is out-of-date

  • CSV export in QGIS: the file contains no column with lat, long. They are merged in one field which makes them difficult to be extracted.

Do you have any idea how to deal with such case? In particular for the csv while you have columns



Hi @lisa_vdh,

As stated in help article, Exporting and Uploading Data to GIS Software — KoboToolbox documentation doesn’t this option work for you?

Note: You can edit the data set once its in the GIS software, however it may be easier to first edit in Excel, or similar program. In Excel, use the Text to Columns. function to split your CSV data into individual cells.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya,

Thank you for your reply. The method in the link you give is not working. As I see The “area question” is one field with no column related to longitude and latitude as explained in the link. Is there anyway to easily extract that information?

I don’t know how to easily edit the csv with the question “area”. It would be really messy to keep the attribute if I have different polygons and its attributes (one line) within a form.



Ok my bad ! Geojson works with that protocol : File:Geojson import.png - TOI-Pedia

I wasn’t able to understand we can export the files from the openwebpage. So topic solved for me