Is there a way to export collected polygons and load them into QGIS please?

Now is there a way to export collected polygons and load them into QGIS please? I don’t need points, I need polygons to make a proper polygon shapefile. The geojson kobo produces is failing to load in QGIS. Thanks.

More info:
I tried validating the geojson output from Kobo here
And it failed, With the error msg “Line 1: “type” member required”
So I think something is off with the formatting but I don’t know how to fix it.

Welcome to the community, @atickner! Could you share with the community a screenshot of the format you are seeing when downloading data from KoboToolbox? Maybe the community should then be able to help you out.

Thank you for replying to my msg Kal.

The error didn’t come with the download, if you look at my previous messages I specify that the files couldn’t be loaded in QGIS and ArcPro. And the file couldn’t be verified with and that is where the error msg. was.

The solution (after hours of messing around looking at geojson specs and figuring out what a working one looked like) was to remove the collection formatting that came with each of the entries.

I found a better way to do this, which is to go into the Kobo download advanced settings and select “flatten geojson.” This produces a geojson that verifies as correct in

Why that flattened version isn’t the default option for download I do not understand. At all.

At the least it would be worth having some direction about this on the site in addition to the loading points from a csv instruction. Knowing where/how to select the flatten geojson option would have saved me a frustrating Sunday afternoon.


Thank you for sharing all the details @atickner! Your research on the issue should be helpful for a lot of our community users who should face the same in the upcoming days.

Another way of loading polygons to QGIS is using the the plugging “Convert ODK geotrace to Well-Known Text”, with which you can load traces from csv files.

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