Grouped questions and data outputs

Hi there,

I’m having a few issues with my data outputs on grouped questions. Currently, I’m building a form that involves multiple assessments at the same site, so the site details will be the same although each site will have individual assessments completed at it. For instance, one large site can have up to 8 individual assessments.

I have added a series of grouped questions to capture these individual site assessments without having to enter in the identical site information every time the user completes an assessment. My issue is on the other end with the data outputs. My XLS file splits these groups into two separate sheets - which is fine, however those that will be using the data do not have the excel training to stitch these together easily. These two sheets are linked by the parent index and index with Sheet 1 showing the main site information (that is common across the individual site assessments) and sheet 2 showing the individual site assessment data. So Sheet 1 shows Site 1, Site 2, Site 3… information, and Sheet 2 shows information for Site 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, Site 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 and so on.

Is there a way for kobo to export this data in one sheet (not separated into two) so that I will instead end up with the identical data copied to the individual site assessments? eg. I would have all the necessary information for the site displaying for the individual site assessments? This may be more of an excel question…? I’m unsure.

Any input appreciated!

Did you get the solution for this? Even I have same issue. Please let me know.

Thank you

Unless you also code key partitioning variables inside the repeat groups. Eg. site, assigned identifier for the individuals. or also you use lookup in excel to merge the files using the Index field.