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I’ve been working on a XLSForm to upload for a Kobo project. I’ve been grouping some questions and want to know if at the moment when the form is displayed to be filled, those group questions can be displayed as collapsed as default.

I trust, your question is adressing Enketo (Webform), not Collect.

There is an appearance option for a group: compact (also working for repeats). See Collapsible groups · Issue #460 · enketo/enketo-core · GitHub. So, you can set all groups to appearance (column) compact, in the begin_group (or begin_repeat row.)
As always, groups without a label (or hint) are not show as group structure.

Here is an example
Collapse_Groups01.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Hint: As far, as we know, the appearance cannot be set in the form dynamically, e.g. with ${…} or if(…) for a “compact” text.

Also the following discussions may be helpful and
Visual display of groups in Collect - #8 by LN - Features - ODK Forum.

With the search function of the forum, you can find other previous discussions on this topic esp. Show sections collapsed/ navigation across survey.

@Kal_lam: Might be helpful to add it in the Help Center article, in the Reference table (XLSForm Reference Table) and in the XLSForm Docs.

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Hi. Yes… The question is oriented to Enketo.

Thanks for your tip!