Grouping multiple similar projects together as one

Dear Community,
Is there a way to gather together in one (sort of) folder multiple survey projects?

I have 3 teams working each in 5 different projects, for a total of 15 projects. At the moment all projects are shown separately and appear as a long list under the deploy windows. The teams should not edit-see the data from the other teams, so surveys should run separately. I am wondering if there is a way to group them together such as you would do with a folder…
Any tip?

@Lavinia, could you explain it a bit, especially after grouping? As said, you have 15 projects, and you wish to group this into 3 folders where team one will access folder 1, team 2 will access folder 2, and team 3 will access folder 3? Maybe you also wish to have security where team 1 cannot access the folder of team 2 and 3 respectively and vise-versa. Did I get you correctly?

HI Kal_Lam,
thanks for answering.
Yes, there is an issues in scurity settings. Each team should be able to access only its form and data. Further, as I created the forms and I want to be able to manage all of them.
In addition, there is also a graphic representation issues. I, as form owner, would like to create folders in my account so that, when go in ‘deploy’, projects are nicely shown as grouped (like in folders), and they are not shown as one long list. I found it a bit confusing.
Hope this make it clearer
Many thanks for answering!

@Lavinia, kindly please be informed that creating a folder to manage survey projects is not currently available with KoBoToolbox. However, looking at your requirements, you could manage your projects by doing the following:

  • Your user account is the admin account for the projects. With this, you should be able to deploy and manage your survey projects.
  • Create other user accounts that are supposed to be enumerators’ accounts. You could share the required projects to these user accounts as outlined in this support article Managing Permissions.
  • You could further provide certain access to these accounts as outlined in this support article Row-Level Permissions.

Thus combining these features, you could fulfill your requirements.

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