Have Matrix without kobo—matrix_list pre-defined

Hello! We want to make a question matrix asking people about different species of animals. However, we want to enter data as the subject brings up each animal (not in a predefined order). So we don’t want a predetermined kobo—matrix_list that indicates the order to be entered. We also have over 70+ animal options, and don’t want to have them all display every time. How do I create a table where the first column can change (it could be whatever animal the subject brings up) rather than a predefined list from kobo—matrix_list such as the asset example

Welcome to the community, @ket5128! So what you wish to do is to have a list first (in a different question) and then prepare the matrix question from the same? Did I get you correctly?

in the first column I just want it to be open, and to pick which item (say animal species) comes up

@ket5128, seems like this is what you are trying to achieve:

Hello! I input my survey into kobo using the web interface. In order to do this, I think I need to edit the survey in excel. should I download it, make these edits, and upload it as a new project?

how do I do this in the UI?