Have wider columns in the default table view

Hi there !

Using the default table view on KOBO is a little bit diffcult as it is too compacted, you should have wider columns as you can very rarely see your column name entirely:


I am using KOBO Humanitarian response.

This could permit to simplify the use of the data table view and make it more relevant.

I made another post about the improvement of the data table view. I talk about others features to make the use of it easier:

Chloé :slight_smile:

Hi @chloelaborde

Thanks for this suggestion, as well as your others! However, making the columns wider is already possible in the interface. If you hover your mouse over the line on the side of a column title, you can click and drag the column to make it whatever width you’d like.



Thank you very much for your answer ! :slight_smile:

But what I wanted to say it was to have wider columns by default. Usually titile of columns are too short so it’s complicated to visualize… And if you need to repeat each enlargement as many times as you have questions it’s going to take a lot of time. Mainly for big surveys.

Nevertheles, I am conscious it’s not a very urgent issue and a small user-friendliness detail.

Thanks again,