Having issues with media questions

@Kal_Lam I deployed the form after uploading the media but I am not able to see the media file in the form. Please help

@ayushchoprak, could you also share a screenshot of the SETTINGS>Media?

@Kal_Lam Here it is

@ayushchoprak, OK so do you see the media file here that is not showing in the survey form?

yes I am not able to see this media files in the survey form

@ayushchoprak, how many images/media did your survey project have and how many are you seeing?

I have three images in the survey form but one image is used twice in the for question & answer too because of the two image in the media

@ayushchoprak, would you mind renaming your image files as follows:

earthen_pond and plastic_pond instead of having a space in the middle. This should solve your issue. Also please make necessary adjustments in your xlsform. This should solve your issue.

thank you for support, now its working