Having issues with viewing DATA>Table

Hi All,
I have server problem I know that humanitarian OCHA server has no limit number of submissions or data storage but now I have more than 11.000 submission but i’m facing many problem when i opening data view table and searching issue. Kobo gives 504 Error or loading process to slow.

So could you please help me on this issue?
Thanks in advance

I’m adding one of problem that i faced

@emreozkan90, which browser are you using? Could you try it out with a different browser to see if the same happens?

Hello again
Yes i tried diffrent browsers also, but server still so slow, Im waiting too much on the loading page and end of this loading process it gives same trouble. I think the problem is the big submisson number and kobo server can not handle it because i did not get this problem on another project in the same account. I atteched screenshots.
For your kind information

@emreozkan90, kindly please be informed that this is an issue when the server is busy (or when there is load in the server). The load is seen in the server when a lot of users try to make submissions in the server.

Thank you a lot for your kind informing. this problem has been going on for a long time. What should i do? Our enumerator sare having a hard time :frowning:

Are you enumerators also accessing this project dashboard?

Why would the enumerator have issues when it’s only a display issue?

That’s what I’m wondering also, the enumartors access the dashboard, they can add and edit submissions. However, while searching they face this problem that was mentioned previously via the screenshot. In my opinion, The problem might be because there is intensive submission the server might be slowing down. Daily we have more than 100 submissions. Looking forward to your kind advice on this.

@emreozkan90, could you wait to see till tomorrow if the server load settles and you are able to make edits? If the issue still persists please feel free to reach us back.

Thank you so much @Kal_Lam . I will inform you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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