Hello, how do I link one project to the other?

hello, how do I link one project to the other? for example. I want the data separate but would like to link maybe a name from the first project to the second project. how do I do that?

Sorry. Did not quite understand your issue. Could you kindly explain it a bit clearly so that the community should also be able to help you out?

What I am trying to say is that I have two or three projects going to be administered by different people but I would like to link one to the other. In the sense that if one person works on project A in a household, the other working on project B from the same household is not supposed to take the same information from the household but can rather type the name of the household or number to link the two projects. Is there a way to do that, please? I hope you do understand me now.

Hi @paulinabrago,

I think what you are explaining is similar to Dynamic Data Attachments. You can see this support article and forum post to learn more:


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seen thanks

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