Hi kobo community i problem with submitting finalized form

Hi kobo community i have problem with uploading finalized form

Welcome to community @ahmadmuazu,

Can you show a screenshot of the problem?

Or can you elaborate the problem you are facing with?


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This is what it’s showing

I was successfully get a blank form from server to android phone kobocollet but unable to upload finalized form
Thanks for concerned

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Do you know which server you are using?

Humanitarian Server, kobo.humanitarinresponse.info?
KF, kf.kobotoolbox.org?

or is it your own server?

From what I can see, I think there is some sort of server issue.

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I’m using https://kc.kobotoolboox.org

Hi @ahmadmuazu,

You may want to check this thread:

Hope this helps.

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Okay I think I can redeploy this one
Thank you
This mean I will redesign another one?

And I can able to submit via enketo

Hi @ahmadmuazu,

I’ve found the following information, I don’t know if they updated the app yet.

I think someone from the Core Team will provide additional information to you.

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So any assistance for now?

@ahmadmuazu, is this an issue from only a single device, or are you getting the error message from other devices too?

I am getting the problem from all devices

Maybe it’s time you validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues.

it was already validated and i used another valid form still showing same result as above while uploading

And another thing is th6 my computer use to download form as XLSX not as XLS
Is this the issue please

@ahmadmuazu, as a quick check would you mind clone the project and deploy it. Then get it as blank form in your app and try to submit it making a dummy entry to see if you are able to submit the dummy records to your server?