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Hello everyone,

I am sharing the attached file with you seeking your support on the following issues:
1- I am developing a new tool to collect the arrival and departure times of the volunteers what I need here is to make Rows# 2,3 hidden from the data collectors
2- Getting the default results of each submission including the two rows.

P.S: I am attaching the main survey with server datasets and using an excel power query to merge the main survey with another dataset.

Many thanks in advance!

@TareqTK, you could always use the calculate question type to make the questions invisible to the enumerators. The data captured in this calculate question type is only visible on the server.

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Many thanks Mr. Lam

Can you please share with me the way of using it with the shared xls form.

Huge thank you in advance.

@TareqTK, here is a workaround discussed previously. The calculation only gets displayed in the note question. But this could be helpful for you to understand.

Amazing, the issue has been solved based on your solutions. I highly appreciated.

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