Hidden question

I created a survey with a hidden (and prefilled) question in XLS, and then uploaded the survey into Kobotoolbox. Now when I try to edit the form on Kobotoolbox it shows "row could not be displayed”.

Attached I’m sending screenshot

Could you indicate how you created the hidden question on the XLS. That would help us understand what exactly may be the issue.


Dear Stephane, thank you for your help.

Please find attached the XLS form of that particular question.

Hidden question.xlsx (4.99 KB)

Hi @ivoconservacion,

Thank you flagging this again! Kindly please be informed that this case has already been informed by @wroos in a post discussed earlier:

I have reported this to our developers and will let you know if i hear back from them.

BTW, please be informed that though, you see the error screen, it actually does not affect your survey form from collecting the hidden questions.

Thank you once again for letting us know on this! Appreciate your effort and expect the same in the upcoming days as well!

Have a great day!


OK, thank you

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Hi @ivoconservacion,

Kindly please be informed that the hidden question type is now supported in the form builder UI as well and thus, you should not see the error message that you have been seeing previously.