Hidden questions

Hello dears,

I want to ask whether it is possible to hide some questions in the survey, in case I wanted someone to fill a survey without seeing certain questions.
Thank you

Welcome to the community @maamoun96! Would you also mind listing out the list of response that you wish to collect anonymously?

there is no certain response or question, but I want to know the method of hiding a question or response from another user, so that after I receive the record from him I can unhide those questions and fill them in.

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand your requirement:

You can hide a question in general by using

  1. the type hidden (in KoBoCollect)
  2. relevant = false
  3. calculate type.

All 3 will only allow you to add a value later on server level after changing the form.

If you want to hide only for some users, you would need to use a relevant clause refering to a user-related info like ${username} = YourID. In this case you could add the value without changing the form.