Hiding a question from within a deployed survey


I need to hide (not delete) a question from an already deployed survey.
Can you please guide me on the process.

Please advise,
Thank you.

There are 3 options

  • change type to calculate
  • change type to hidden
  • add disabled (column) = true.

Only the first option will allow to reference the item in the form.
And the option will influence the visibility on server level, e.g. in view modal or table or report.



The easiest way to do this is just to add skip logic to the question that no one can fill. Like if you have any text question somewhere, connect it to it and put a specific word. So as long as someone enters that word, it will be hidden and you can take it back whenever you want to.

Or little bit harder way is you need to download the xls form and change the question type to hidden.

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Attention: Skip (relevant = false) will delete any value on next save, incl. by modal edit/save on server level.

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@mireillejazi, here is an example of using the hidden question type:

You should be able to find more hidden examples here.

Likewise, here is an example of using the disabled column header:

You should be able to find more discussions related to the disabled column header here.

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