How are people analysing their data collected

Are people saving and moving to SPSS, using google analytics, analysing in Excel or using the KoBo Data analyser?

trying to figure out what is

a) efficient

b) easy to use and learn

c) cost effective


Hmmm well that is a wide question. IMO, assuming you’ve coded your form so that the Kobo Analyzer works (and strongly suggest you actually test that it does BEFORE you deploy), this is likely to be your first stop, in terms of ease of use. There are a few quirks with it, but for a first batch of commonly needed graph it will go a long way.

Anything you make happen with the Kobo Analyzer, you’ll be able to do yourself with Excel, of course. But if 60% of your graph are already more or less available with the Kobo tool, then why not grab then already? If you need to use excel, you probably want to think about building your file so that you can work directly of the output (e.g. copy-past the csv or similar).

SPSS is of course great for advanced statistical analysis. But perhaps ask yourself if you really need it, I think you would need a rather large-scale, longer-term collection for it to be worth your while (or complex cross-variable analysis etc).