How can i access form fields and pass using RestAPI

I am trying to use a KoboToolBox form to create a ticket in ZenDesk.

So far I have been able to use the REST Services options to create a new ticket by passing the entire form submission using the %SUBMISSION% token, as follows (this works):

{“ticket”: {“description”: %SUBMISSION%, “subject”: “ID - Referral (Kobo)”

What I want to do is to pass the values of some of the form fields over to ZenDesk so that the Kobo fields will populate fields in the new ticket. What I want is something like this:

“ticket”: {
“description”: “test”,
“subject”: “2 test import to API”,
“ticket_form_id”: “4448100764699”,
“group_id”: 4448148092315,
{“id”: 1900009111024, “value”: [Name] },
{“id”: 4448001536667, “value”: [Phone]}

with [Name] and [Phone] pointing to a form in my submission.

Is this possible?

Hi @jguido, this is possible but you will have to use an intermediate step between Kobo and ZenDesk if you require a modified response as you are unable to customize this on the Kobo platform. Perhaps something like Zappier or IFTTT is able to function as this intermediate step :+1:

There is a post where I previously outline the basics of connecting to IFTTT so you can try extending it for your purposes:

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