I need free service of Email notification from Microsoft Power Automate

Please give me free service technique

@mahabbat, would you mind explaining your issue in detail so that the community could help you out?

I create one flow as per tutorial but it can not active with free Account , it says need payable account. Is it possible without any payment or any other option to do it without any payment.

Maybe this post discussed previously should give you a clue for another approach:

Hi @mahabbat, you can use the free tier on IFTTT to receive email notifications :+1:

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Can I have the tutorial for IFTTT. Plz share with me.

@mahabbat, you should be able to learn here.

Hi @mahabbat, you can try following these steps:

  • Create an IFTTT account

  • Create an Applet

  • If This:

  • Then That:

    • Choose Gmail (or whatever you want):
    • Sign into Gmail account
    • Choose the option “Send yourself an email”
    • Leave everything as the default for now
    • Create action
  • Continue

  • In the drop down menu in top right, go to “My services”

  • Scroll down and click on “Webhooks”

    • Click on “Documentation”
    • Under the heading “To trigger an Event with an arbitrary JSON payload” you can see the URL pattern you need to follow (the end value is your key): https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{event}/json/with/key/hpr78PGztRXzxcBoD3FDLqavbsoruqlG3lgGZKHB_w1o5tw
    • Replace {event} with what you called your hook, in this case “submission”
    • Copy the URL
  • In the KoBo REST Services, paste the URL from IFTTT

  • Click “Create”

  • Try submitting something to the form and hopefully receive an email :mailbox_with_mail:

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