How can i get the GPS data in UTM Format

Hi Everyone.

I’m using the GPS command in my survey, but i need the data in UTM Format. Is it possible?
Can you please help me.

Waiting for your comments, Thanks a lot. :grin:

You can pull out the latitude, longitude and elevation/altitude values from a geopoint using

long = selected-at(${geopoint},1)
lat = selected-at(${geopoint},0)
alt = selected-at(${geopoint},2)

Once you have the necessary values you can then recalculate/reformat them as desired (eg I describe how to turn them into KML here). There are a number of readily available algorithms for converting to UTM, eg, which you’ll need to code into appropriate XForm calculation(s).


Hi Xiphware.

Great solution. I will try and make my comments.

Note: Can you please share an example in Excel format. Thanks a lot.

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follow the above KML link - I’ve posted a geopoint2kml form there which does the extraction

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