How can one create a multi-select question, with choices not exceeding a certain values

I intend to create subjects accreditation for a school,that has the following classes. ClassA,ClassB,Class C.

Now ,my goal is to create, a form that will allow users to choose subjects using a multi select question, buh choices for Class A shouldnt exceed 10, while that of Class B and C shouldnt exceed 11…How do i go about this.

I want a suituation when the items in ClassA select multiple appears ,all other classes are hidden,same thing ClassB and Class C. A kind of conditional logic.

Lastly, a list of summary of all the selected subjects per Classes

Thank you.

@chiabotu, could you list out the questions and choices as a dummy sample so that the community should be able to understand this and help you out if it’s possible through KoboToolbox?

@Kal_Lam ,This is something similar in pictorial form.
I.e Select classes:

I what a suituation,where if the student is registering for subjects in Class A,ClassA multiselect question will be Visible, while that of ClassB is hidden.same also,if a student is registering subjects in classB class B multiselect is visible,while classA is hidden.

Thank you.

@chiabotu, you mean when CLASS A is selected, all the choices under CLASS A should be visible. Similarly, when CLASS B is selected, all the choices under CLASS B should be visible. Further, CLASS A and CLASS B are select-multiple questions, and the choices under these choices are from the same question?

Did I get you correctly?

@Kal_Lam Yes…Buh the students cant select more than the required options as stated above…i also what to show the summary of all the choices selected in each classes

@chiabotu, if this is the same issue then we have a similar discussion that has already happened previously:

@Kal_Lam , my question have not been answered,how do i restrict what the user select in the multi-select question ,not to exceed require number of items. COUNT SELECTED. SECONDLY, DISPLAY THE SUMMARY OF THE COUNT ITEMS.
The user could have erroneously choose more than the required subjects. I Dont want them choose beyond certain number of items.

N i want the display of summary of what the user has selected; say total choices,are Arabic,physics, Technical drawing etc.

The example shown above is a select one question, what i am seeking for a how to restrict choices from select many[multichoice question]

Thank you

@chiabotu, you should be able to restrict choices as outlined in this post discussed previously:

And this post discussed previously should help you display the selected variable in a note question:

Thank you @ kal_Lam

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