How can we dynamically add fields while collecting data in KoBoToolbox?

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I’m trying to build a form to make QC inspections, but the number of taken sample vary from 1 to another submission. Do you know if there are any widget/tool that makes me add another field each time that I’m getting data?

Let’s say I want to collect pressures from a batch of 100, So I need to take 10 readings. Then I have another batch of 200, I have to take 15 readings. thinks like that.


you can use repeat_count (attribute of repeat group) to dynamically control the number of repeats. So, you could use your sample size value (readings requested) as repeat_count.
See example here:

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Thanks a lot for your responses.
I will practice with these hints.


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Now that I’m practicing filling the form and groups, I have realized that some information is not necesary to be filled everytime because is the same as the previous sample, but ocasionally could change…

Lets say I have a group of 5 questions, and 3 of them have generally the same answer. Do you know if there is any option to choose that makes that every time I press “+” button, the questions selected (in this case the first 3) are repeated with the answer populated already?

Ideally I could delete the answer if that field change after repeat the group if is necesary.

That would save a lot of time in filling a new group of questions.

Thanks for your help!