How can we remove an option if selected in previous submission

Hi @Kal_Lam

Can you please guide on below topic

Suppose we have 200 household visit data.

We want that the household once visited and selected in submission should not appear to data enumerator when he visit next time as in our case data enumerator may be changed in next visit , so we need that option once selected should not be appears again in next visit as the enumerator may not be aware that which HH is previously visited

Cheers !


If you are looking at something that has been discussed previously, kindly please be informed that it’s not possible at the moment:

Dear @Kal_Lam Thank you for your response. This was the status as of 2020, Is this feature now available on Kobo Toolbox 2022

Thank you a bunch!

Sorry, @abraham_oluka! This feature is still not available with KoboToolbox.