How do i change my username in KoBoToolbox?

Good evening everyone.
How i will i change my username in kobo

Hi @muhammadumarmuhammad,

Welcome to the community! KoBoToolbox does not support the feature of changing the user name. As a way out you could create another user account with the specific name that you wish to change with.


I have a self-hosted Kobo server (With github version on Oct 22, 2019), and I want to change the username for some users.
My user “johndoe” have already create some forms with some submissions and some media/attachement/export.
How can I change “johndoe” username to “newjohn” ?
I have try to change username via django admin dashboard, rename media’s folder in kpi and kobo.
Résult :

  • I can connect with newjohn username, see my forms and total submission foreach. I can open the forms,
  • I cannot see the data (in kpi and kobo api).

Thank you for your help and your time.

Hi @jdugh,

Apologies! Unfortunately usernames cannot be changed at the moment. Doing so would create conflicts with the forms and data associated with it. A safe work around would be with creating a different user account with the preferred user name you wish to have. If you wish to use the existing forms and data (from your previous account) you could do it by sharing it with your new account or clone it as required.

Have a great day!

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Hi @Kal_Lam
Well noted, thanks for your support!

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