How do i create a cascading select questions in KoBoToolbox?

Also I would like to create several forms with different names and other forms with sub questions. Can you guide me further?

Hi @Zico27,

Could you kindly explain your requirement a bit so that we better understand your scenario and support you if it’s possible with KoBoToolbox.

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For my second request, I would like:
Create different forms, each of which has very specific questions.

And there will be forms with questions with conditions that can lead to other questions related to the original question.

Also, I would like to classify my forms so that they appear in the same chronological order during the interviews with the respondents.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hi @Zico27,

Could you share with us a pictorial sample of your requirement. Maybe the community could help you out if it’s doable in KoBoToolbox.

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Hi Kal-lam,
Thanks for your response. For example, I can take just the first part of my Form :

Identification element N ° Name Code
1 Region |||
2 Province |||
3 Commune |||
4 Village / Sector ||||
5 Site / Camps |

Name of the interviewer_________________________________ | E | ___ | ___ | ___ |
Date of the interview : | ___ | ___ | | ___ | ___ | | ___ | ___ |
Day month Year
Questionnaire number | ___ |


Hi @Zico27,

We call this a cascading select question in KoBoToolbox and it can be designed as outlined in the support article Adding Cascading Select Questions.

As a quick workaround, you could also have a look at the post discussed earlier:

Simple cascading:

Multi layer cascading:

Have a great day!

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