How do I create other please specify question type in KoBoToolbox?

Hi, I’m a bit lost in this particular subject of cascade select question.Below are the questions that I am working on:
Q1. select an asset class from the available options:

  1. Office equipment 6. Motor vehicles
  2. Machinery & equipment 7. Electrical installations
  3. Kitchen equipment 8. Irrigation equipment
  4. Furniture and fittings 9. Buildings
  5. Computer & accessories 10. Land & land improvements.

Q2. Select the asset group from the option available. If none of the options are available, select ‘Other’ and specify.

  1. Paper shredder 7. Bus 13.Tractor
  2. Water dispenser 8. Transformer 14. Pivot
  3. Generator 9. Water pump 15. Other
  4. Microwave 10. Factory
  5. Chair 11. Swimming pool
  6. Laptop 12. Perimeter fence.

I will really appreciate your help in assisting me create a sample of xlsform using the above data. Kind regards.

It seems like you are tyring to create other, please specify question type. If this is the case, maybe this support article User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions should help you solve your issue.

Besides, you could also have a look at our post that has been discussed previously:

This should also be helpful: