Problem sharing form and getting in kobocollect


Hey, I’m having some issues seeing some forms in kobocollect

I have two users, 1 form administrator and the other just for entry data, seeing registers and seeing the form

When I open the app and set all the configuration, the app only get a few forms (old forms that have the same permission) but not the new ones

Anyone knows how to solve this? Thanks


Hi @juan.techo,

Could you be kind enough to first share how you created these users. Having looked at your process could help figure out the problem. Would also appreciate if you could provide the screenshot (or maybe the photo) of the error message that you see.


This is the image where I share the project with one of the user:

These are all the forms that are share (or belong) to the same user.

Finally, this photo is from KoboCollect. As I said, after setting the configuration, the form of the first image doesn’t show in the app. I’ve trying lot of things, like giving full permissions to the user, and deploying again, but none of them have worked yet