How do we rank a text or a numeric field from 1 to 5?

I have 7 text input, where the user has to put rank between 1 to 5 in the same page. So I have to validate such that if the user answers any 3 of the rank at least it is minimum criteria although he can give maximum of 5 ranking, but cannot only proceed further if he has rank minimum 3 but the input has to be 1 2 and 3 it cannot be 1 2 or 4. So, how can I validate proper input in order as well as minimum 3 inputs required in xls form.

@khasaab, you could do it as outlined in the image shared below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:

Image 2

Reference xlsform:

Ranking Questions.xls (34 KB)

Note: This however, only works with Collect android app and is not supported with Enketo at the moment.