How to add formulas to form

I am having troubles adding formulas to forms. I need the data fields to automatically call and give results as another data field.

Welcome to the community, @velbon! Would you mind sharing your sample question maybe 2 or 3 questions should be enough. Maybe we could then provide you a sample of how you could use the calculate function for the same. But please provide details on how they should act so that we could provide you a clear instruction to solve your issue.

Dear Kal_lam,
It seems to be single but I don’t know how to it and I want to attach the excel but I am not allowed; because the excel is self-explanatory with all the major formulas. Those that will be manually added and those that will be automatically calculated once the manual values had been keyed into the form.

@velbon, you should now be able to upload xlsform to the community. But please try to share only the questions that has an issue or you would like to test instead of sharing the entire xlsform.

Dear Kal_Lam,
Whenever i want to attached a form i am get this error “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Would you mind trying it again refreshing your browser?

akvYSWW9xXViYLxCN3prjS.xlsx (6.6 KB)
Please find the attached form as per subject.

@velbon, seems like you are having issues with division. You could divide as discussed in the post discussed previously:

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Thanks very much Kal_Lam

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