How to connect two projects which has deferent owners

I want to get data from our main project where I do not have access of modifications. so that I requested my administrator to connect my relevant data to the form that I have created. The problem is that I want to import data from our main project it shows that the projects are connected but I cannot see any data in my form. could you please tell me what is wrong in my project of steps? Thanks for the support

@habibie, could you explain more about what you described earlier? Could you also let us know how you connected your project? The community should also benefit if you could share a screenshot of the same. The screenshot should help the community understand your issue pictorially.

I have two projects one is main another is Clone of main. I want to connect these projects, the projects is connecting successfully but I can not see main project data in clone of main project.
Plz check the attachment

Even I have connected two projects, but I cannot access data from one project to another.
FYI, For both project the owner is same (Me).

I would appreciate you quick response.


OK, I now understand your query. It seems like you are trying to use the dynamic data attachment feature. In this case, this support article should help you connect 2 projects dynamically:

Dear @Kal_Lam I have followed the same procedures mentioned in the post still I did not get any connection between two project plz find following screenshot of my projects xlsx and kobo settings for you kind review.

FYI I have two projects Parent and child owned by same owner (Me). I have entered value for xml-external parent also during connection I have named the for import project as parent (I have followed the instruction provided in the POST of kobo community).

Still I am not able to see the data.

would it be possible to arrange a MS Team meeting. If so please send me your applicable time and date. thanks

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

@habibie, did you use the sample XLSForm shared in the support article? You could get used to those sample files and then play with your files later (once you are confident with the steps).

Hello sir, Yes I have used that as well but no results see the screenshot.