How to create multiple row and column form

Hello, how can I create a multiple-row and column form with theme-grid as the attached image?
I try with the Question Matrix, but it does not seem to work well, especially with the multiple columns size…

@chenboly Welcome to the community!

As you say:

the only way to achieve this by question matrix. Why do you think it does not seem to work well? If you can share what you did, maybe community can help you more.

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@hakan_cetinkaya many thanks for your fast response. the problem is I cannot adjust it such as font size, row width, and column width. etc… please see the attached image.

Hi @chenboly, are you using KoBo’s internal form builder to create a matrix question?
And are you familiar with editing / creating your form in XLS format?

I might have a workaround for you.

@hakan_cetinkaya yes, I created using Kobo internal form builder. I am not much familiar with XLS format.

Or do you have any other idea to creat this form in a different format?

@chenboly, when you have a long list of columns for your matrix question, you will need to use your device’s landscape view (typically longer than the portrait).

Is there any other options to use different style/method/format for this data input?

@chenboly, the system does not have the feature to adjust the column width. So the best option is to use a large screen when collecting data with a matrix question.

But this image view was on the 21inch monitor.

@chenboly, the system does not have the feature to adjust the column width. So it’s expected to see the matrix question as you have seen.

Hi @hakan_cetinkaya, and the larger community,

I did try to use the XLSForm to reproduce the example given by Kobo’s support but I am getting a Server Error (500) when I do it. The recommendations don’t seem to be working currently.

I would like to design a matrix based questionnaire using XLSForms. How can I do so?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sohamadla and welcome to the community!

  • Can you share a screenshot of the matrix question you designed in XLS format?
  • And can you share a screenshot of the error you are getting?
  • And can you tell us which server you are using?
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Thank you very much for the kind welcome @hakan_cetinkaya. However, I was able to solve the issue myself- I had some typos which I could carefully see once more.


@sohamadla Glad you solved it :slight_smile:

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@sohamadla, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: