How to delete cascading select questions on the web form builder?


I imported a form from a previous project to use it as a template for another project. In this model there were cascading select questions with which I had issues regarding choices that didn’t show up when the cascading questions were within the same group question.

In the end I managed to solve the issue by directly making the modifications in the XLSForm (i.e. deleting ‘choices_list’ for the relevant questions). Is there any way to that in the web form builder? I tried to just leave the ‘Choices list’ field empty but without success.

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Hi @ybourgeois,

Welcome to the community! You could do this in the Form Builder User Interface too by deleting the expression that you see within the Choice Filter box as shown in the image below:

You could have a look to this more closely by trying out the workaround that has been shared in the post here:

Follow the following steps:

  • Upload the xlsform (that you get from the post shared above)
  • Select FORM>edit
  • Then go the second question (District)
  • Click the gear like setting icon
  • You will see the image shared above. There delete district=${Q1} that is next to Choice Filter.

Have a great day!

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