How to design a customized choice list in KoBoToolbox?

Hi, can someone help me with how I can create a single list with options group level titles.
Like thisimage

as far as we know, there is only a workaround.
See example attached.
ChoiceGrouping01.xlsx (73.9 KB)
If you use a systematic naming of the choices, the constraint and relevant can become more generic.
We didn’t find a possibility here to hide the tick icon before the titles, but we use different text style (BOLD in KoBoCollect and train the enumerators).

Another option, if you use KoBoCollect, might be to include the (preceding) group title (with a following line break (Ctrl+Enter) in the first choice label. of each group or with a line break in the last item label of the preceding group…
ChoiceGrouping02.xlsx (73.7 KB).
But you cannot adjust the choice button position. And line break in choices is NOT working in Enketo (see Those line breaks might also create problems for CSV export. or SPSS label import.

Any better solution from the community would be interesting for us too.
For Enketo, there might be an option with Grid style?

Hope this helps.


Why not try a cascade list instead, where the title of first and second group show up as the first level, and the options as the second level. See attached example.au6g3o4FNWH4iZUvBKvs65.xlsx (6.8 KB)

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Yes, another (standard) option.
I think, what is preferable, depends on the content, structure and length of the choice_list, the clearness of the cascade, the requirement of search in whole choice_list, the pdf print-out you want to get, etc.

For example, with the long UN country list, for some countries, not everyone knows in which UN “Geographic Region” this is grouped, e.g. Turkey and Cyprus below “Asia”… (
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