How to download a questionnaire via a link sent to us

I have the link to access the questionnaires for a research project. But I don’t know where I should put it so that I can save it in my account.

Welcome to the community, @gerard1989! If you have received a link try following the instructions as outlined in the support article Collecting Data through Web Forms to collect data for the project. If there is something else, please feel free to reach out again.

Dear @Kal_Lam ,

Thank you for your reply. I will clarify something and the answer I get when I do the manipulation.

I am looking for information on a questionnaire put online by an international organisation through this link (Once registered, the TAPE survey is available at Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox. ) But when I click on it, this is the message that appears:

Oops, this form no longer exists. The owner of the form has probably deleted, archived or deactivated it. Please contact them for further information. Detailed error: The form with ID aFEzvAkvk4TRs4y5L7QH3y was not found in /formList."

Can you please help me please?

OK, so i see that you are seeing this error message as shown in the image shared below:


Could you confirm with your team that the project is still active and has not been archived or deleted from the server who shared this entry link?

Yes, that is the message. Okay, I will with the team.

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