How to ensure the title of the web form is displayed correctly when sharing the link (for exammple, via whatsapp)

When I share the link to a form we have deployed via WhatsApp, rather than showing the title of the form itsel in the link preview that WhatsApp creates, it shows a generic title.

For example, the following form is displayed with the title “Enketo Express for Kobo Toolbox” (see picture)


But the actual title of the form is different.

Same thing happens in telegram.

Is there a way I can change the of the deployed form to make sure it matches the name of title of the form?

We need this because our target population for a survey will receive the link via WhatsApp and the current link preview makes it look like spam.

Welcome to the community @cdparra! Despite the fact that you are not able to view the title in the WhatsApp does the link load appropriately while pressing the link (i.e. are you able to land to the correct survey page through the link that you get from the WhatsApp)?