How to export Data Monthly or Quarterly wise

I am exporting data quarterly, but every time i am exporting all the data from A to Z and then removing the previous quarters data in excel, but i wan to export only the data for the new quarter, is there any way to export data quarter wise or date wise?, please help me! Thanks

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Hi @asadullahfazli,

At present, KoBoToolbox does not offer you with features where you would be able to download data (filtering certain variables e.g. date etc.). You will thus need to follow the process that you are currently following. However, your concept might trigger KoBoToolbox developers to pick-up this concept in the upcoming days where many KoBoToolbox users could benefit.

Thanks for your information

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We would welcome a development along this path.
Ideally filter in Table view and then export. I gather at the moment you would need to register a REST service on the project and then frame your queries in order to do this. We are exploring this route.
KOBO makes it so easy to get so far and we love that. This is a hurdle we are facing as our data expands…

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@asadullahfazli, @chris as a temporary workaround you could follow the post discussed previously: