How to get a blank form in KoBoCollect android app from my user account?

I am trying to learn Kobotoolbox for household survey. I tried to follow the instructions for
server setting. But failed to set.
How I can set my server for data collection? I make a questionnaire abd I want to know that how I can assign the questionnaire to the data collector.

I follow the materials Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android.

Is there is any other solution that i can do it.

I am waiting for your kind reply.


Shah Alamgir

JIRCAS, Tsukuba

Welcome to the community @jircas! Do you mean you have already deployed your survey project in your user account and you are now not able to get the survey questionnaire to your KoBoCollect android app?

Thank you very much for prompt reply, yes, I deployed the questionnaire in my user account and then trying to connect kobocollect in android app. but failed.

Configure your KoBoCollect android app’s General Settings>Server>URL as follows:

URL (if you are using an OCHA server)


URL (if you are using an HHI server)



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Thank you very much for your detail clarification. Ok now it works. Previously I used the server, where i create my questionnaire. Now I used server and used my username and password. Now it works. Thank you. Previously I was wrong.