How to get data in the same sheet when downloading?

Dear Kal,
I am trying to download a dataset from kobo and i want it to come in one sheet and not on separate sheets. Can you kindly advise what i need to do.

@sackierufus84, if you have a repeat group, you will see the data in different sheets for the different repeat questions, which has also been discussed in our previous post:

If you wish to merge them, you could follow this support article:

Hello there!

This is a great solution, but if I may ask, is there a way to get the groups in tabs if it is not a repeated group? (not sure if I need to start a new topic for this)

Sorry, @stcb. Did not get you. Could you kindly explain your issue again?

Yes of course, thank you for helping. When the data submitted in a repeat group, it is in a different tab in the xls form. Yet for me I would like my data (from a non-repeat group) in a different tab as well. The easy solution is to make it a repeat group and just not submit any repetitions. However, this might confuse the person filling in the form, since no repeat should ever be made.

So, is there a way for the group information, to appear in a different tab in the xls form, without needing to be a repeat group?

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@stcb, sorry, this is impossible within the system unless you repeat the group. You should, however, be able to group it in a different sheet in the post-processing phase (using MS Excel or some third-party software). But you will need to do them manually.

Thank you, then for now a repeat group will have to do. thank you for your time

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