How to go about duplicates in data that has already been collected

Hello members, I would like to use the already existing data that is in excel to KOBO and use KOBO for verification, this means most of the choices would be in duplicate format e.g. parents names, or codes given to schools, the only unique numbers I have is for the student, is there a way I can go around this without losing the objective of the verification

Welcome back to the community, @luswetiopicho! Do you mean you wish to verify a record if a duplicate is already present within the server?

Hi, @Kal_Lam I mean we have the data already collected and has the following variables:
Unique student ID- All are unique in a single.
School Unique ID- Unique but would like that when the Unique ID of student I selected it automatically links to the school.
The name of the student has so many duplicates and would like to link to the Unique student ID.
School Name to be linked to the School ID but based on the data it’s duplicated across.

Have you gone through our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox? I hope it should meet your requirements.

@Kal_Lam not yet let me do so right away.

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Let us know if this was something you were searching for. Maybe as a workaround, you could have a look at a workaround that has been discussed previously:

Still got stuck but will try again this week an get back to you with feedack

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