How to import 'settings' on kobocollect app?

Is it possible that I select all Admin/general settings on Kobocollect app and export them like a file or some kind of code, which can later be imported by any member of our team on their mobile using an Import function - so that it gets easier to transfer exact settings across devices?

There are two ways to configure your KoBoCollect android app:

Approach 1: You could follow the instructions outlined in the support article Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android.

Approach 2: You could follow this approach (configuring your KoBoCollect android app with a QR CODE) as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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Just to add: You can even set an admin password before creating the Barcode for distribution… So, after initial Collect installation and configuring with the Barcode, all you want to deactivate or hide can be protected from the local user. (automatically by this Barcode).

Only when scanning the Barcode initially you need admin access (or to enter admin password). So, you best do it directly after Collect download/installation on a device.