How to list selected items which are in a loop into a another question which is not in a loop

How do i list items which are in a categorical question in a loop into another question which is not in a the loop.

For example:
Q1. How many stoves did you use: 3
Q2. Which type of stove is this

  1. Type 1
    2.Type 2
  2. Type 3
  3. Type 4
  4. Type 5

Q2 should be iterating based on number in Q1.

All the stoves which have been listed listed in Q2 are the only ones that should appear in Q3. In my case i selected
Type 3 in first looping
Type 2 in second looping and
Type 5 in third looping

Q3. Which stove do you use most?
Type 3
Type 2
Type 5

How do i accomplish this. Attached is what i have tried and it is not bringing the desired output

Hi @smbai,

Welcome to the community! Please have a look to the community post that has been discussed earlier:

Hello @stephanealoo. Thanks for your response. What i am trying to achieve is a bit different from that. The items i want to filter are in a loop. The selected items in the loop are the ones which i want them to appear in a question outside the loop. Kindly see attached of form i’m implementing.

This is what im trying to implement.

Hi @smbai,

Seems like you are trying to use the index-repeat in your xlsform. Please have a look at the attached support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups. It also has a simple example for you to try with.

Hello @Kal_Lam. I have used it but it is displaying the value labels rather than the text.

The only available option is to display the value labels. If you needed to have the text, you would have to make the text similar to the value labels.


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